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5 Myths About Drinking Water You Probably Believed

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Have you ever heard someone claim they drank water (water therapy) and got healed of a mysterious illness that had been bothering them? Yeah, I have too, and I’m left wondering if it’s the same water I’ve been drinking for years or they somehow got their hands on the Fountain of youth. If there’s one thing poets, motivational speakers, and health enthusiasts love to reference in their spoken or written words, it’s WATER. Nothing is softer or more flexible, the source of life, nothing can resist it, water flows, water heals, water cleanses, etc. I could go on and on because water has indeed been a blessing to every living thing on the planet.

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While a few of these theories are true, many are false and have been circulating the internet for gullible people to consume. Today, I’ll be debunking some of the myths and misconceptions people have about drinking water that they have believed for way too long and passed on to their friends and family.


5 Myths About Drinking Water

I’ve heard a lot of funny things about how extraordinary water can be. My mom takes warm water every morning before anything else because, according to her, “it detoxifies the body.” Some believe that you have to take at least 8 glasses of water daily for you to live a healthy life and have beautiful skin. Others say drinking water flushes out diseases from the body, and many more unproven theories people share in WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

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There’s a big question on your mind now, the reason you’re here reading this, and that’s because you’re curious to know if any of these theories are correct. Does water really have extraordinary abilities? Well, you’re about to find out. I did a little digging and compiled a list of 5 common myths and misconceptions about drinking water and the truth behind them.

1. Myth: You Must Drink At Least 8 Glasses of Water Every Day To Stay Healthy.

Fact: I must admit, this is one myth about drinking water I believed for so long because everyone else was yammering about it. It’s a known fact that we lose water every minute throughout the day either through perspiration, urination or from the air we breathe out. It’s therefore crucial for us to drink enough water to replenish our stores. However, people lose water at different rates, and certain conditions may not permit people to consume as much as 8 glasses of water a day. This amount of water may be too small for others who are heavy sweaters or simply have larger bodies. The larger your body size, the more water your body will need to function properly.

So how do you figure out how much water your body needs? Well, except you’re in denial, you should already know if you have a larger body or not, and if you lose more water than what others consider normal. To be sure, ask for the opinion of your primary care physician.

2. Myth: Always Drink Warm Water First Thing in the Morning.

Fact: So many people believe that you should, “Start your day with a full glass of water.” My mom even takes this to a whole other level by heating the water. Does the time of day or temperature of water really make a difference when it comes to hydration? The not so simple answer is Yes and No! It can’t be 100% true or false.

Scientific research has made us understand that drinking water first thing in the morning might help you hydrate after hours of sleep, and drinking warm water may benefit digestion. However, the belief that an early morning dose of warm water will help you stay healthy is wrong, and taking warm water in the morning may interfere with hydration. This is because warm water can decrease thirst and make you less thirty. Since the brain creates the sensation of thirst to help you hydrate when your water levels are low, this can be dangerous on hot days when your body loses more water than usual through sweating. It gets worse if you have hyperhidrosis and sweat abnormally. Read more about hyperhidrosis here.

So what’s the best thing to do? Just ensure you drink water wherever you’re thirty regardless of the time of the day to stay hydrated.

3. Myth: Drinking Water Early In The Morning Flushes Toxins From Your Body.

Fact: This is one funny belief that tickles my imagination. It’s like taking your body to the car wash for an early morning scrub. If my Biology is correct, the Liver is responsible for deactivating toxins in the body, and the kidneys have the responsibility of eliminating toxins from the bloodstream. The kidneys are the chief regulators of fluid balance and do not require the extra glass of water you’re drinking to eliminate waste from your bloodstream. Depending on the amount of ‘toxin’ your blood contains, your kidneys can efficiently eliminate them from your body regardless of your water-drinking schedule.

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4. Myth: Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning Will Help You Lose Weight.

Fact: Of all the myths about drinking water, this is the one that science has proven to be partially true. When you drink water, it provides a sympathetic stimulus that increases your metabolic rate, and consequently, thermogenesis (heat production). When the body burns calories, it generates more heat, and there is scientific evidence to back up the fact that drinking water contributes to thermogenesis. However, there’s no specific time of the day when this water-drinking weight-loss effect is experienced, so that part remains a myth.

 5. Myth: Drinking A Lot of Water Will Give You Healthier Skin

Fact: That brings me to the final myth about drinking water, and it’s one that I see so many social media influencers and models preach. My female friends who want beautiful, healthy skin are gulping as much water as they can but are only getting voluminous pee in return. What could be the problem? The truth is that there’s no scientific evidence to show that drinking lots of water makes your skin healthy even though the skin contains approximately 30% water. Drinking water first thing in the morning or drinking more than enough water needed by your body does not minimize acne or help your skin stay moisturized look. If you have dry skin (not enough oily secretions), find a suitable moisturizing lotion to help you feel better. If you have severely dehydrated skin (skin layer is lacking moisture), then see your dermatologist for help.

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So next time your mom shares a WhatsApp broadcast telling you how scientists have proven that drinking water helps cure Covid-19, simply send her the link to this article and let her learn something new. The bottom line is to drink enough water whenever you’re thirsty and stay hydrated, not because someone said it has magical abilities, but because your body needs water to function properly.

5 Myths About Drinking Water

That’s it from me today. Thank you for reading. Help your friends learn something new today by using the social media share buttons below. Also, click on the like button to show some support. If there are strange theories you know about water that I didn’t mention in the list, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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