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About Sciencehealth24

About Us

Hello there,

Welcome to ScienceHealth24.  I’m Emmanuel Ozigi, a Biochemist, freelance writer, developer, and health blogger. I have this insatiable hunger for knowledge and the desire to find reasonable scientific explanations for everything that happens in the universe. I run this website and if you have any questions or encounter any problems? Feel free to contact me via the contact page.

ScienceHealth24 was created to share the most fascinating science, health, and fitness facts and knowledge with the world. Stay up-to-date and learn something new today with information obtained from extensive research and my personal experience as a life Scientist and Biochemist.

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ScienceHealth24 is a learning blog that makes learning fun. You also get to win amazing prizes in our weekly giveaways. Sit back and join me as we explore the mysteries of this ‘Weird wide world’ together.



Freelance writer, health blogger, developer, Red Cross volunteer. Lover of nature, animals, science, and the internet. Football Manager addict.


Elizabeth Ewa

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